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Why you choose us?

RORBUY is a professional purchasing agency in Guangzhou, China. Our business volume has grown exponentially since the its establishment. Thanks to the support of our clients, we have become the one of the biggest Taobao buying agency for overseas customers. Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
Reliable, safe, available
We have been in this business for years. In these years, we have become the largest foreign purchasing agency in China. We are very experienced in this field. If you choose us, we will be your committed and reliable partner. We accept Paypal and other payment methods, so you do not have to worry about the security of your money. We have staff on duty throughout the week, so you can place your order at anytime.
Low service charge and clear costs
Our service charge is only 10% (items fee + domestic delivery fees). The minimum service fee is 5.65 USD per parcel. All fees are clearly listed on our website. There are no hidden fees! Every penny will be accounted for.

No minimum order or other limits
Once you become a RORBUY member, you will be able to buy products from Chinese Online stores. We do not have any minimum order or hidden fees. Thanks to the internet, you can buy any Chinese item conveniently through us.
Several Payment Methods
We provide five payment methods for your convenience. We accept Paypal, Webmoney, WesternUnion and credit card to make our services more accessible.
Great shipping choice
We provide many shipping methods: EMS, Airmail, DHL etc. You can choose your own shipping method. Furthermore, we offer great discounts on certain shipping methods: EMS 50%.
Professional work
Every order placed on our website will be bought under our customer’s specifications. Our purchasers will buy goods on behalf of clients and will take the responsibility to help customers verify size, color, quantity etc. Whenever you come across any problems, our team will provide you professional and dependable service.
After-sales Service
We value our after-sales service for our customers. We have an After-sales Department set up for customers, so you can easily contact them for help if there are problems with your order. We have our own claim form and compensation standards. If you have any claims after receiving the goods, please contact our After-sales department within three days after receiving your items.

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