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Where do Chinese Shopping and Why you need a taobao agent?

What's the first choice for most Chinese shopping online? Taobao (including tmall), of course. From fashion products like bag, dress, watch, hat, hair to other products like umbrella camera and led light, Chinese almost buy anything from it.

You can't buy directly from taobao if you are not live in China as there are 3 barriers:

a. Language. Taobao is in Chinese language, so you need a taobao English agent.
b. Payment. Taobao doesn't accept PayPal, so you need a taobao agent PayPal accepted.
c. Shipping. Taobao sellers don't know how to ship to overseas as their usual carrier can't be taobao forwarder to overseas, so you need a taobao / tmall agent shipping to USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russian, Brazil, etc.

If you want to find a seller from taobao free shipping to worldwide, it is impossible as international shipping cost is much higher than shipping within China. The good news is you can find cheap taobao service and shipping to worldwide offered by taobao agent in China.

Then how to buy from taobao via Taobao buying agent. Rorbuy is one of the earliest and top taobao agents. No matter you want retail taobao agency or wholesale taobao agent, Rorbuy can always assist with you.

Located in Guangzhou, Rorbuy is a Guangzhou taobao agent offering taobao courier service & air shipping. Guangzhou city is the center of Guangdong province which is the most active province in e-commence. Packages from taobao sellers to Guangzhou are cheap and fast.

After the items arrive in Rorbuy's warehouse in Guangzhou, you can choose to use DHL, EMS or air mail to send the packages to you.

There is a small problem we need to remind you. If you are using taobao buying service to order on taobao, you will soon find that not every listed item is in stock as listing on taobao is free. When an item is out of stock, sometimes sellers don't want to delete it and when buyers contact them, they will suggest similar items. This situation could make taobao tmall eBay drop shipping become difficult.. If you are sellers, it's suggested to buy taobao stock in small quantity and then sell in your local stores rather than dropshipping.

As a taobao purchasing agent, Rorbuy has always been improving its service and try to be the best taobao agent. Click here to register and get started with your taobao haul.


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